Steel palisade fences are robust security barriers made from galvanized steel, designed to deter intrusion with their pointed or spiked pickets. They offer durability against weather and impact, come in various heights and designs, and are commonly used in industrial, commercial, and high-security applications where perimeter protection is essential.

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  • Standard Palisade Fencing
  • Triple Pointed Palisde Fencing
  • Rounded Palisade Fencing
  • Palidin Fencing
  • Anti-climb Palisade Fencing
  • Custom Designs

Steel palisade fencing comes in several designs and configurations, each tailored to different security needs and aesthetic preferences. Here are some common designs and variations:

Standard Palisade Fencing:

Consists of vertical steel pales (pickets) with pointed or rounded tops. Pales are attached to horizontal rails which are then fixed to steel posts. This design offers a balance between security and visibility.

Triple Pointed Palisade Fencing:

  • Features pales with three sharp points or spikes at the top.
  • Provides enhanced deterrence against climbing and intrusion.
  • Commonly used in high-security installations.

Rounded Palisade Fencing:

  • Pales have rounded tops instead of pointed or spiked.
  • Offers a less aggressive appearance while maintaining security.
  • Suitable for installations where aesthetics are a consideration.

Paladin Fencing:

  • Combines the robustness of palisade fencing with a decorative appearance.
  • Features interlocking steel pales for additional strength and security.
  • Often used in urban environments or where a more visually appealing fence is desired.

Anti-Climb Palisade Fencing:

  • Includes additional features such as anti-climb spikes or extensions at the top of the pales.
  • Designed to prevent scaling and unauthorized access.
  • Ideal for high-security applications where perimeter integrity is critical.

Custom Designs:

  • Manufacturers often offer customization options in terms of pale spacing, height, and additional security features.
  • Powder coating in various colors is available for enhanced aesthetics and corrosion resistance.

When selecting a steel palisade fencing design, consider factors such as the level of security required, aesthetic preferences, site conditions, and local regulations. The chosen design should effectively meet security objectives while blending with the overall look and feel of the installation site.

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