Melbourne has been in the business of providing complete security services to all the industrial sectors in Australia. Our security services are related to various industrial environments like manufacturing plants and facilities, distribution centres, warehouses, intermodal transport, construction, etc. Boswen would partner with our clients in providing and setting realistic goals and creating a custom-fit solution, including security fences, automatic entry gates, security systems and access control. This ensures that our client’s property, assets and business operations are always protected.

Steel Security Fence

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Security Steel Fence is designed and engineered to be durable, safe, maximising the level of secuirty whilst preventing the property from vandals and unauthorised access. The production of the fence are made up of multiple layers of stringent processes involving presses, cutting, welding, linishing, coating and quality processes. The Steel Security Fence are made of duragal steel which is a Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1163: Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections. The fabrication of the fence involves the metal engineers welding the steel pickets to the steel rails, and the top of the pickets are squashed to form a spear top as an anti-climb feature. After fabrication before the fence is put to outdoor applications it will go through a second coating for protection such as powder-coating, hot-dip galvanising, and 2 pack epoxy paint systems. This will ensure the fence are protected from corrosions over a longer period of time. It's applications are suited for many commercial and retail premises such as industrial warehouses, and commercial properties. Secuirty Fences protects the premises and its assets forming a basis for all good neighbours. The installation of the fence itself will require further engineering to the concrete footings and fixing methodology to ensure structural integrity of the install. A property with a security fence will no doubt provide a great level of protection for the premises preventing unwelcome entry, however its more than that as it is itself an asset to the premises when it comes to adding value the building it protects.

Chainwire Mesh Fence

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Chainwire Fence also refer to as Chainlink fence, Chainmesh fence, or cyclone fence is a very sophisticated and complete fencing system that first originated in the UK where production began in 1845 with Charles Barnard of Norwich. Chainwire fencing is very common throughout Australia in many industries including retail, commercial, industrial, agriculture, government and more. The Chainwire Fence system are so flexible and compatible making its suitability for many applications including perimeter fencing, bin enclosures, bike enclosures, courtyard enclosures, carpark undersoffit enclosures, car park storage cages, tennis court fences, farm fences, and many more. In Fact it is so widely use that many of us may not notice it exist all around us. In Australia the chainwire fence is governed by Australian Standard AS 1725.1-2010 Chain link fabric fencing, Part 1: Security fences and gates - General requirements. Chainwire fence mostly come in galvanised wires finish or galvanised wire with a black plastic PVC coating over the wire. Due to its well developed system the installer can access to a full range of pipes, fittings, and chainwire that it makes the process a more simple process for the installer. This is why when it comes to costs not many other security fences cannot beat it whilst providing the same level of security and exceptionally low costs maintenance.
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High Security Fence

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Palisade fence is a form of high security fence commonly used in prisons, airports, and substations. It is a very solid and robust fence system that of course is also high is costs. The materials are of solid steel battens with a "w" or "D" pale on top acting as an anti-climb function, these pales are fixed to steel rails one by one onsite with tamper proof fixings. The palisade fence most commonly come in black powder-coated or hot dip galvanised finish. When it comes to a robust and solid fence really nothing much you can get that are better than a true palisade steel fence.

358 Weldmesh fence sometimes also known as finger proof mesh fence are commonly used as a high security fence. Its applications includes commonly places like prisons, airports, schools, defence, and more. The fence is designed to defy any creative vandals by preventing climb, cut through, and separation. In otherwords it is a rather cruel fence for the vandals. The 358 weldmesh has a 4mm gauge wiremesh covered all over only with a 8.7mm gap between the wires that pretty much just tightly fits a pencil through. Its steel posts and steel frame are designed with the highest structural requirements due to the weight of the mesh it has to handle. All of the fixings are anti-vandals nuts and bolts making it really tough to access and break.

Neighbourhood Fence

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A good fence makes for good neighbours, do you ever notice how many types of fences are in our neighbourhood. Well the answer really are endless design where it is only limited to one's imagination. However, there are a few categories we can classified these types and they are pretty much the following three types, wrought iron fence, colorbond fence, pool fence, infill panels, contemporary slat fences, timber paling fence. These fences are commonly made of either timber, steel, aluminium, or nowadays aluminium timber composite and timber plastic composite are becoming more commonly adopted. These fences marks out boundary between one's property and their neighbours, it protects our property, assets and our family, and it adds value to our property by complimenting our building, while securing and safe outdoor space for young children and pets to enjoy.

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