Boswen has a wide range of models to suit different applications from light commercial, industrial, and high security requiring crash-rated gates. Boswen Gates are built with robust metal structures to last. With many choices of finishes, including powder-coated over metal, hot-dipped galvanized and/or two-pack primer and paint. Boswen smart modular designs will provide answers for extra-large openings with freight limitations.

Technology & Industry Experience

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Security systems
Boswen serves customers of wide ranges and sizes. These vary from various industries and customer segments. Our total security solutions are based on customer-specific and project requirements. Also, they are created through the combination of external site perimeter to internal electronic security, corporate risk management, fire and safety and more.

Top-Notch Safety Solutions

We aim to provide value-added safety solutions. This is done by investing in techs on the customer’s site. So, it means we take full responsibility for the on-site installation, technology investments, and even maintenance of the security equipment.

Best Flexible Solutions

To ensure that customers get the best-fit security solutions for their required needs, Boswen performs an initial analysis of the situation and requirements. Our customers will be shown the best and most effective security alternatives based on these analyses.

Technical Support & Services

Our licensed and experienced security technicians play a great role in providing the best type of security solutions. So, our security solutions and services are controlled and managed right from this place. We ensure the best-certified technicians and latest technology are combined for establishing the best security protocols and processes, in return offering our customers confidence in entrusting Boswen.

Perimeter Security Systems

Top-Class Perimeter Security Solutions For Keeping You & Your Property Safe. The first step in the security of buildings, houses, and the estate is perimeter security. For setting up the best perimeter security solutions, Boswen considers the suburb's security level, the privacy demand of the customers, convenience, aesthetics, and even the budget.

The basic security products in our perimeter security solutions are fences, bollards, and gates. These would ensure that the estates, buildings, and houses are in the best security condition. Along with that, Boswen provides for the convenience of its customers with additional security in terms of CCTV cameras, intrusion alarms, and facial recognition systems. At a certain high-security risk level, Boswen’s design would contain the latest technology for driving out intruders.
Security systems

Boswen’s Focus

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College, School, And Childcare

For us, there is nothing more important than securing the next generation. With our proven security system, the security of the educational institutions can be reinforced and improved. This can be done by using various security systems like perimeter security and integrating with the access ID control, alarm security systems, and CCTV systems. Now for the educational institution security solutions, Boswen would integrate and incorporate early warning and perimeter security systems. Here the system would be easily able to work seamlessly with the current security system present in the premise.

Here all the demand and factors would be taken into account for implementing it. Also, our security system would be able to pick up all kinds of anomalies like the departure of kids or students, unauthorized pickup, the record of attendance, and even video records of the post-incident reviewing and evidence collection.

Retail Sector

Concerning the retail business, Boswen believes that robbery, theft, and burglary prevention and deterrence are the three major key factors present in security solutions. For such kind of prevention, Boswen’s security solutions will provide the best design for installation of the HD camera system, behavior AI monitoring system, fog cannon machine, etc that will protect you and your business.

Manufacturing And Industrial Premises

No doubt industries like manufacturing and industrial services are at a high risk of disruption, theft, and contamination. We have a team of experts that can easily provide a dynamic and smart security plan. This will easily improve the protection of your assets and lower the chances of dangerous incidents. We provide some of the best services from the monitor surveillance system, perimeter security patrols to fire, and alarm monitoring.

Healthcare And Aged Care Facilities

In the healthcare industry, our focus is primarily on the welfare of the occupants and even the staff that are working on the premises. So, besides the conventional CCTV and security alarm systems, there is a special zoning access control system that can easily be integrated for providing the best peace of mind solutions. Furthermore, our camera systems are quite intelligent enough for finding out falls of occupants. Also, it will provide extra surveillance even in the intensive care area.

Transport Logistic And Wholesale

There are various challenges involved in transporting high-value goods and products. Most importantly, the heavy amount of risks and dangers that can be harmful. Boswen creates the best comprehensive security plans for covering up the whole supply chain and this is from loss prevention to recovery.

Property Management

Sometimes medium to high-density properties will be having multiple-site or single-site complex. At Boswen we use the highest quality CCTV system and this provides access control and various tailor-made security solutions that suit you.Furthermore, our camera systems are quite intelligent enough for finding out falls of occupants. Also, it will provide extra surveillance even in the intensive care area.

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