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Established in 2008, Boswen is one of Melbourne's finest industrial fencing and gates companies. We provide perimeter security solutions to many Australian businesses. We have completed thousands of projects with design, manufacturing and installation services for hundreds of companies.

Let us integrate your legacy security solution and build a modern perimeter security system: a lower overhead and more innovative solution to help you mitigate risks and improve safety.
Make a phone call, and the Boswen service team will take action! | Maintenace service team

Whether the auto gate is damaged or the motor needs to be replaced. Make a phone call, and the Boswen service team will take action! Same day service rate at 95%. Much higher than the standard of the industry.* We carry the most commonly used parts on board in our UTEs and the most comprehensive […]

Another beautiful home has chosen Boswen

Italian-made motors fine-tuned by our machinists to suit our customer requirements. The stainless steel sliding doors driven by it with corresponding fences bring an impressive look while protecting the privacy and security of the property. Boswen perimeter security solutions always keep your property safe and secure. Find out more by visiting:

Kingsville Early Learning

Our design and materials provide a high standard of safety and maximize sunlight and natural airflow. High quality, security and reliability are the number one criteria.

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