As world is moving towards automation why can’t we have automated gates. Many of us don’t like manual gates as they are bit difficult to use. We need extra time to deal with manual gates .You have to get near gate to open it and close it.

If you want to make a house of your dreams that you imagine every day that has everything that you are dreaming then to give it a perfect look you must have an automated door. The reason behind that is it is latest updated in terms of technology. More secure than manual one. Have elegant design and more comfortable.

Now you have question in minds like: What is an Automatic Sliding Gate? How does an Automatic Sliding Gate work? What options are available for Automatic Sliding Gates? What Gate options are available for my Driveway? How much does an Automatic Gate cost? How can we get a quote for an Automatic Sliding Gate?

Options available for your driveway:

When we say driveway gates then wide range of gates comes to our mind, this range start from the royal Wrought iron gates was under use from centuries. It also include the automatic gates that just need a signal as command to operate.

When it comes to selection of gates it varies from person to person as some of us like latest technologies while other are bit nostalgic and like old stuff. But something that is common is that human wants comfortable and luxurious life style. So they have lots of option to choose but don’t worry we have studies and gather data for you make it easy for you. We want you to select automatic sliding gate and we will discuss it why it better option then others.


Let’s start with traditional option we have .Wrought Iron Gate is for those who have old school taste. The best thing that Wrought iron gates may provide you with durability as they can withstand against  wear tear and damages that are done by nature.

The most beautiful designs that we have enlisted below

1: Flat-top.

2: Arched-top.

3: Arched-top with finials.

Question that rises in your mind right now is that why wrought iron is not best even it is durable and have different beautiful design. The answer is simple that these gates are not cheap and you may face privacy issues because they are designed in such manner. Moreover they maintenance is very costly.


The next gate we discuss here is timber gates. Timber gates are for those who wants to see art or different designs or who are very close to nature .Although Timber gates also provide more privacy but they come with a demand for high maintenance as these gates may deteriorate over time or may catch insect attack like termites which may cause serious damage. So it’s kind of wasting money when we have other options


 Now we will talk about automatic gates. In this case you don’t need to be at gate to open or close it instead you can open or close it from anywhere in your home by remote control. Automatic gates are comfortable and provide more security as it have built in intercoms through which you can communicate.

Two option are available in case of automatic gates that are

A: The automatic swing gates

B: The automatic sliding gates.


 The first type that we discuss here is automatic swing gates. The automatic swing gates are two in quantity, therefore, two motors or hydraulic systems are operating it. Automatic swing gates are also very effective, safe and have beautifully elegant designs that can increase the value and beauty of your house. But the problem is that they need more space and distance to swing.


It’s time to answer your question that were in your mind from start .An automatic sliding gate require electricity to work and remote controller to send signal to operate it. It need a long, narrow channel and the motor for the gate to slide across while we open or close it.Next question that come in your mind is that what if you press button and something like pet ,person or your car come in middle of it will it damage them . Don’t need to worry sensor are installed in them which work in such situation to avoid these damages.

How it is better than swing gate? Swing gates need more space. On base of technical side we can say that one motor is needed here to perform single function which make them simple. Strong Pillars are not required as such to make the gates slides.


The automatic slide gate operates by sending a signal to the motor controlling the gate from your transmitter, which may be remotes, intercoms, or access control keypads. The gate then slides along the tracks laid over the drive entry. It is even protected by a rolling retainer at the top of the gate and above the motor which keeps the gate in a fixed position such that it can withstand external threats. After all, you don’t want to wake up in the morning and discover that you don’t even have a driveway gate in your garage.


When we talk about option the first thing we prefer is that have everything we want. It can be made from different material like iron for old school, wood for nature lover and aluminum for latest technology looks with style you want. If you don’t want to increase your electricity bill you can get solar powered. Moreover these can be easily operated by smart phone. Variety of gate design are available while keeping in mind your demands. Here are design of aluminum based gates.

1: Bi-Fold Aluminum Gates

2: Bi-Parting Aluminum Gates

 3: Telescopic Aluminum Sliding Gates

4: Round-The-corner Aluminum Sliding Gates


As latest technology is costly so you might be thinking that these gates are more expensive and you can’t afford them but we can assure you that these are not much expensive and in affordable zone because sliding gates are simple as the factors that increase the price like shape, design and number of gates required are kept in mind while designing so you don’t need to worry about it.


The quote depends upon the size and the material that is used. We have list of cheapest and durable materials that can be used.

1: PVC: It is cheapest and lightest but not durable.

2: SOFTWOOD: Cheap but require high maintenance and not durable comparatively

3: HARDWOOD: Mid-priced gates but more durability than the options mentioned above.

4: STEEL / ALUMINUM: Mid-priced option with good privacy and security and is very durable with a low maintenance requirement

5: WROUGHT IRON: expensive option and provides you less privacy than wood