Are you tired of opening the manual gate of your house, leaving your favorite show on pause or your football match in between only to get up from your comfy couch, to go and open your gate for any guests or your family member coming over? Or are you thinking of making your dream house and want to decide which gate will be perfect for the driveway of your home? Well, automatic sliding gates are just the solution you are looking for. They offer more security, are easy to use for everyone, look more elegant, and provide you with more comfort as compared to their manual counterparts. That is the very reason the Global Automatic Gate and Door Opening System Market is growing rapidly in the world and is expected to hit USD 14,238.3 Million by 2025 at the growth rate of 6.8 %.

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You may be wondering what an automatic sliding gate is. How does it work? Are there any varieties of such gates available or are there any other options available for your house gate other than automatic gates? Here is a complete guide to all of your questions and how automatic sliding gates are the best option when it comes to installing a gate in the driveway of your house.

Options available for your driveway:

There is a wide range of options when it comes to driveway gates, from the royal Wrought iron gates that have been used for centuries to the new automatic gates that operate just on the signal of your command, we humans really had a long journey and always developed towards a more comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. However, as they say, no two humans are the same and just as we all are different we have our different preferences as well, some of us want to have everything that we own updated to the latest version while some of us are a bit nostalgic when it comes to our sense of style and wants thing built or arranged in a way that reminds us of our old days or even history. So here are all the options for all the preference styles in the world that you can choose from when it comes to the driveway gates and their pros and cons so you can decide for yourself that why we think that its automatic sliding gates you should opt for when choosing your driveway gate:


The number one option that we have on our list is Iron wrought gates, you can install a wrought iron gate in your garage but let’s see whether it is worth it or not. Wrought iron gates may provide you with durability as they can withstand any wear, pressure, or even damage inflicted upon by Mother Nature and if you are a person with old school taste you may like them for giving a kind of nostalgic feeling just when you park your car inside your house. Wrought iron gates provide you some of the most beautiful designs that we have enlisted below

It is the simplest style of the iron-wrought gate as the upper rail of a flat-top gate is completely straight which gives it a simple rectangular shape so if you are a person who loves a simple but elegant sense of style you may prefer this style over others.

2: Arched-top :

An arched-top offers you more of a traditional style with elegancy as the upper rail of the gate forms a kind of a sweeping arch, this is the reason it is commonly referred to as an arch-top gate.

3: Arched-top with finials.

It provides you with more of an ornamental finish as the tops of its pickets also known as the finials extend past the upper rail.

You may be thinking that if iron gates provide all such varieties of beautiful designs why we do not recommend it for you? Well the answer is very simple, we want to save your money since iron is long-lasting and harder to work with it does not come cheap, you got to have a hefty amount in your pocket if you are thinking of buying one of these. Another problem with iron gates is their high maintenance demand and their open design, some may like it but the problem is you would not have any privacy if you install them. So if you are a person who just wants to enjoy a cup of coffee sitting on his or her lawn chair without being bothered you may want to consider other options for your house driveway.


The number two on our list is the timber gates. You may like timber gates if you are a person who wants to see art or different designs when you enter your house as timber gates offer a variety of designs carved on the wood of the gates or if you are a person who is very close to nature and want that sense of nature in your house. Timber gates also provide more privacy as compared to the iron gates due to their panel design but they come with a demand for high maintenance and if you somehow neglect to take care of them, the gates may deteriorate over time or may catch insect attack like termites which may cause serious damage. So why waste your time and money when you have better options to choose from?


Now let’s get to our automatic gates, shall we?

Unlike manual gates, The automatic gates do not need any person to open or close them by hands, you may be sitting on your lawn, reading your novel or you may be in your room watching your favorite movie on Netflix, the moment you hear your car horn or receive your friends call that they are at your house driveway, you take out your remote or any device controlling your gate and press the button on it. The gate not only will open on its own but will close too, so that you don’t get bothered. Automatic gates not only provide comfort they also provide the best security as through intercoms you can communicate with the person outside to know the identity of that particular person before you allow that person to come in, isn’t it amazing? Not only automatic gates provide you these services they also provide you with two options of driveway gates that you can install in your house.

A: The automatic swing gates

B: The automatic sliding gates. 


Automatic swing gates are the first type of automatic gates that we will like to introduce you to, you may be wondering, is it any different than the automatic sliding gate? And if yes how is it? well, the first difference may be very obvious to you and that is the look of the gate well the second difference is a bit technical so let’s make it as easy as possible for you since the sliding gate is only one in quantity, therefore, there is only one motor that is operating it while the automatic swing gates are two in quantity, therefore, two motors or hydraulic systems are operating it. Automatic swing gates are also very efficient, safe and can provide you with beautifully elegant designs that can increase the value and beauty of your house. The automatic sliding gates are almost perfect and are way better than their manual counterparts but sliding automatic gates have an edge over them, you may ask how that is so? well, this is because you have to keep swing distance and space in mind when installing these gates so that you can park your car comfortably, you also need to have strong gate posts or pillars depending upon the material of the gate so that they can withhold it as the swing gate rotates around them. Many societies and town restrict making swing gates in the outward direction if the street is located in a place with busy traffic as it causes inconvenience for other cars and other people walking by, so even if you live in a town which does not have such restrictions, chances are your neighbor would not like you to disturb their nice jogging momentum by suddenly opening the gate.


Now the question you have had in your mind since the start of the blog, what is an automatic sliding gate? How is it better than the other options?

How does it work? Why do we prefer it over other options? Well, we will try to answer these questions and make it as simple for you as possible. An automatic sliding gate is an electric gate that you can open or close whenever you wish by pressing the button of a transmitter in your hand. It requires a long, narrow channel and the motor for the gate to slide across when opening or closing and has a device that tells it whether the gate is fully closed or not. You may be thinking what if I press the button and my pet comes in between and the gate closes? Or what if the gate is closing and somehow your car stops in the middle, I mean you do not want your car to be in such a situation right? Well, do not worry because these automatic gates contain safety sensors to sense if there is any object between the gate and not hence avoiding contact with any object that may result in injury or damage.


The automatic slide gate works when you send the signal from your transmitter which can be remotes, intercoms, or access control keypads to the motor operating the gate which then makes the gate slide along the tracks laid across the drive entrance. It is also supported by a rolling retainer at the top of the gate and above the motor for holding the gate in a fixed position so that it can deal with any natural threat like strong winds and rain, after all, you do not want to wake up in the morning only to realize that you do not even have any driveway gate in your garage, do you?


You will always want the product that you are buying to have everything you want right? well automatic gates provide you with options according to your style preference, they can be made from woods for all the nature admirers, they can be made from steel for all those old schools, nostalgic souls or they can be made from aluminum to give you that advanced technological look you want for your house. Though the sliding gates are preferred to be single they do offer the choice of installing double sliding gates as well. There are solar-powered sliding gates also available to conserve electricity while some sliding gates come with an option of smartphone apps so you can operate them on your mobile phones. Not only these sliding gates have more variety in the material, but they also offer more variety when it comes to the gate design keeping into consideration the space and need of the customers, here are some of the gate designs that you can have for your aluminum sliding gates:

1: Bi-Fold Aluminum Gates

2: Bi-Parting Aluminum Gates

3: Telescopic Aluminum Sliding Gates

4: Round-The-corner Aluminum Sliding Gates


We know what you might be thinking right now, that with all these services it automatic gates must be very expensive and that can upset the budget that you may have in your mind for your driveway gate. Well, that is where the plot twist is, automatic gates offer cheaper options than all the other types and do you know what is the cheapest among them all? That is our automatic sliding gate. That is because the cost of an automatic gate depends upon the size of the gate, the design of the gate, number of gates, for example, automatic sliding gates are cheaper than automatic swing gates as they only need a single gate to operate and the type of material we use for our gates.


The quote for your automatic sliding gate depends upon the size and the material you want to use for it, here is the list of the cheapest and durable materials that we can use for making automatic sliding gates in the world

1: PVC:

This is the cheapest and lightest material to be used for your sliding gate but is not as durable as the other materials.


Softwood Sliding gates are cheap but require high maintenance and provide low durability comparatively.


Hardwood gates are mid-priced gates but can provide you with more durability than the options mentioned above.


It is a mid-priced option with good privacy and security and is very durable with a low maintenance requirement


It is the most expensive option and provides you less privacy than wood.

Keeping the factors that we have discussed above you should have a budget between $969 -$4,151 for the automatic sliding gate or several websites offer you quote for your automatic gates, you can get yours at.