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Steel Security Fence

Security Steel Fence is designed and engineered to be durable, safe, maximising the level of security whilst preventing the property from vandals and unauthorised access. 

The production of the fence comprises multiple layers of stringent processes involving presses, cutting, welding, linishing, coating and quality processes. The Steel Security Fence is made of DuraGal steel, a Cold-formed structural steel hollow section to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1163: Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections. 

The fabrication of the fence involves the metal engineers welding the steel pickets to the steel rails, and the top of the pickets are squashed to form a spear top as an anti-climb feature. After fabrication, before the fence is put to outdoor applications, it will go through a second coating for protection such as powder-coating, hot-dip galvanising, and 2 pack epoxy paint systems. This will ensure the fence are protected from corrosions over a more extended period. Its applications are suited for many commercial and retail premises such as industrial warehouses and commercial properties. 

The installation of the fence itself will require further engineering to the concrete footings and fixing methodology to ensure the structural integrity of the install. A property with a security fence will undoubtedly provide an excellent level of protection for the premises, preventing unwelcome entry; however, it is more than that as it is itself an asset to the premises for adding value to the building protects.