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Chain Wire Fence

Chain wire fence, also called chain-link fence, chain mesh fence, or cyclone fence, is a very sophisticated and complete fencing system that first originated in the UK, where production began in 1845 with Charles Barnard of Norwich.  

Chain wire fencing is very common throughout Australia in many industries, including retail, commercial, industrial, agriculture, government, etc. The Chain wire fence system is flexible and compatible, making its suitability for many applications. Including perimeter fencing, bin enclosures, bike enclosures, courtyard enclosures, car parks under soffit enclosures, car park storage cages, tennis court fences, farm fences, and many more. It is so widely used that many of us may not notice it exists all around us.  

In Australia, the chain wire fences are governed by Australian Standard AS 1725.1-2010 Chain link fabric fencing. Part 1: Security fences and gates - General requirements. Chain wire fences mostly come in galvanised wires finish or galvanised wire with a black plastic PVC coating over the wire. Because of its well-developed system, the installer can access a full range of pipes, fittings, and chain wire, making the installer a more straightforward process. For costs, few other security fences cannot beat it whilst providing the same level of security and lower costs maintenanc

Chainwire High Wall Enclosure

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