Boswen has a wide range of models to suit different applications from light commercial, industrial, and high security requiring crash-rated gates. Boswen Gates are built with robust metal structures to last. With many choices of finishes, including powder-coated over metal, hot-dipped galvanized and/or two-pack primer and paint. Boswen smart modular designs will provide answers for extra-large openings with freight limitations.
Sliding Track Gates
Sliding Track Gates
Sliding Track Gates provide secured access and compliments any entrances. They require minimal lateral space to operate as compared to swing gates and cantilever gates. They are often less costly to automate as compared to hinged gates. They can also come in the form of a hi-sliding set-up where there is room to retract on both sides, this would reduce the opening time and provides a more welcoming balance to the entrance.
Swing Gates
Swing Gates are suitable where there is enough lateral space for the gate's swing open/closing arch. The benefit of the swing gate is that it is trackless and requires no concrete transom as a track gate does. Swing gates, however, have their limitations on opening width. The hinges are engineered to withstand various weights and loading of the gate leaf. Hinged gates, in general, are more costly to automate as compared to track gates as they would often require two motors and hydraulic arms to mobilize the gate.
Uniqlo auto gate
Cantilever gates
Cantilever gates are the elites of all gates. As the name may suggest the gate weight and bodywork on a counterweight system. Meaning it is almost frictionless in operations and is also trackless on the driveway. This big benefit also comes at higher costs and yes it does cost a lot more than the conventional track and hinged gates. It would also require more room to retract due to the counterweight tail of the gate. This also means the foundations would often require proper engineering and reinforcement to withstand the weight and loading from the cantilever carriages.
Service and Maintenance
Whether the auto gate is damaged or the motor needs to be replaced. Make a phone call, and the Boswen service team will take action!

Same day service rate at 95%. Much higher than the standard of the industry.*

We carry the most commonly used parts on board in our UTEs and the most comprehensive parts in stock. Five technicians work in different locations daily; someone is always nearby.


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