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Newest & Safest Security Platform For Autonomous Machines And Factories

Boswen Industrial security services have been in the business of providing complete security services & automatic electric gates in Melbourne to all the industrial sectors in Australia. The security services that we provide are related to various industrial environments like manufacturing plants and facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, inter modal transport, construction, etc.

Boswen Industrial excels in providing armed escort for transportation of personnel and goods. Basically, in all cases, we would partner with our clients in providing and setting realistic goals and creating a deep-security driven culture. This makes sure that our client’s security interest is always protected.

Overcoming Various Challenges

Industrial sites pose a huge amount of challenges and this is due to the huge quantities of exposed goods and a lot of space that needs to be secured. For this reason, Boswen Industrial security services work with clients to develop a highly visible and multi-layered kind of security presence in all their sites.

So, we not only provide a live security force for monitoring the grounds, but also help in counseling the clients on how to easily deploy common-sense deterrents like facility lighting, perimeter fencing, and secure storage practices. Additionally, we provide the best control entry and exit point by checking out the visitors' credentials and matching the whole flow of the goods in and out with the facilities that correspond with the paperwork.

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Securing Productivity With Top-Notch Industrial Security Services

Distribution Centers

It is common to hear about thefts in the distribution centers all over Australia. And sometimes these go undetected for many days and months. Boswen Industrial security services have the required experience and officials in handling and identifying the high-risk areas and implementing programs. These would save the million dollars of our clients each year.
Our services include cargo protection, site audits, employee theft prevention, access control, planning, etc.

Manufacturing & Plant Security

Irrespective of whether your needs need one or more security officials or at various multi-state locations, we are here to help you. Boswen has got the required experience and knowledge in lowering the potential losses and this is possible due to the customized plan.
These plans would assist in securing your assets and making sure that you comply with the federal and state safety standards. We have trained professionals that easily understand the procedures in the manufacturing units, and makes sure that all the facilities are safeguarded for ensuring the vital performance of the location. Our major focus is to provide security and maintaining facilities production.

Construction Sites

Boswen’s staff and the cost of effective security measures followed help in securing the construction sites and facilities. These are mainly from unwanted visitors, vandalism, and other kinds of theft.
We create strategic security plans that contain highly trained armed and unarmed security guards, best construction site security officials, and undercover security officers, etc. Such procedures help in lowering external and internal theft.
Most importantly, our professional account manager would conduct the whole site survey right at no charge. They would implement the most effective security solutions for you and your company.


Internal theft and break-ins are commonly reported as the two major concerns for most of the warehouse managers. As significant is the gatehouses and other access controls, it is important to remember the significance of the security presences throughout the warehouse for limiting the opportunities regarding internal theft.

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Defense Strategy Against All Potential Threats

The rapid growing threat present in the landscape and the changing security risk makes one lookout for the preventive and industry-specific defense strategy. We use the latest and advanced development stages of interaction and connectivity among the physical and virtual worlds.

Also, we would be using the ICS (Industrial Control Systems) and production process and even continue to look out for new targets and try to provide a higher level of security.

Plant Security On Various Levels

Digitalization is increasing and interconnecting industrial facilities. But on the other hand, this allows various brand new insights that are based on the analyzed data.

Plus, there is the involvement of higher risk and that comes from cyber attacks.

For that, an effective protection concept is needed and it would be filled with various layers and secures industrial facilities among threats.
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You Wouldn’t Be Safe If You Aren’t Secure

We use the latest full-stack platform and this brings together certified safety and advanced security. This is for smart machines and people that can control them.

Prevent Misuse

Built-in encryption helps in handling the user access and all kinds of authentication from all kinds of mobile devices and that too in real-time.

Save Time

Web and mobile connectivity for basic configuration system, leading to huge updates and remote monitoring.

Ensuring Safety All The Time

Reliable and rugged hardware supports leading to safety-rated network connections, and that too in the hardest conditions.

Preparing For Future

Various network options and the ability for using on platforms. This leads to the machines’ gateway usage for use cases today and tomorrow.

Save Money

Economical licensing and hardware-as-a-service options help to fit in each budget.

Increasing Collaboration

Advanced and latest features would extend to remote control transition among the various machines, users, and multiple modes with minimal friction.

Automatic gates installation services Melbourne - Boswen

Integrated Security Solution For Assisting You To Get The Best In Industrial Security

So, if you are looking for some of the best industrial security services and automatic electric gates in Melbourne, talk to our experts now. Book an appointment now and see how well we can secure your industrial properties.


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