Smart Security Systems

Recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) technological enhancements make AI integration with Perimeter Security more accessible than ever. Let us integrate your legacy security solution and build a modern perimeter security system. A lower overhead and smarter solution to help you mitigate risks and improve safety.

Our Brands

What We Focus On?

School, College and Childcare

There is nothing more important than protecting our next generation. The security of educational institutions ca be improved and reinforced with our proven security systems such as perimeter security, and integrating with access ID control, CCTV systems, and alarm security systems.
For education institution security solution, Boswen would incorporate and integrate our early warning and perimeter security system. The system would be able to work seamlessly with existing security system on your premise. All demand and factors would be considered and implemented in our design.
At the same time, Boswen security system would be able to pick up all anomalies such as unauthorised pick up or departure of children/students, record of attendance as well as video records for post incident reviewing or evidence collection.

Retail Sector

In retail business, Boswen believes theft, robbery and burglary prevention and deterrence are the three key factors in security solutions.
Therefore, for such prevention, Boswen security solution will provide bespoke design for installation of HD camera system, behaviour AI monitoring system and Fog cannon machine to protect you and your businesses.

Manufacturing or Industrial Premises

Industry such as manufacturing and industrial services are at high risks such as theft, disruption, and contamination. Our team of experts can provide a smart and dynamic security plan to greatly improve protection of your assets and reduce incidents. We provide services from perimeter security patrols and monitor surveillance systems, to fire and alarm monitoring.

Healthcare and Aged Care Facilities

In the healthcare and aged care industry, Boswen will focus the welfare of the occupants and staff working in the premises. Therefore, apart from conventional CCTV and security alarm system, the special zoning access control system would be integrated for provide a peace of mind solution. Our camera system would be intelligent enough to identify falls of occupants and provide extra surveillance in intensive care area.
Our seniors have worked hard to build our society. When it comes to their retirement age it is utmost important that we can provide them with a safe and comfortable environment so they can feel safe and enjoy life. Boswen takes our role very seriously in providing healthcare facilities with state-of-the art security teams, 24/7 surveillance systems, and screening measures to prevent theft and other security threats.

Transport Logistics and Wholesale

Transporting high-value products and goods come with many challenges, risks and dangers of their own. We create comprehensive security plans that cover the entire supply chain, from loss prevention to recovery that is beyond simply securing physical buildings and docks.

Property Management

Medium to high density property consists of a single or multiple-site complex, we high quality CCTV systems, access control, and various tailored security solutions to suit.

Our New Solutions

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